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Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston
Number Of Pages: 204
Publication Date: 2006-12-19
Sales Rank: 155574
ISBN / ASIN: 0817645276

Book Description:

This challenging problem book by renowned US Olympiad coaches, mathematics teachers, and researchers develops a multitude of problem-solving skills needed to excel in mathematical contests and research in number theory. Offering inspiration and intellectual delight, the problems throughout the book encourage students to express their ideas, conjectures, and conclusions in writing. Applying specific techniques and strategies, readers will acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and ideas of number theory.

Key features:

* Contains problems developed for various mathematical contests, including the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

* Builds a bridge between ordinary high school examples and exercises in number theory and more sophisticated, intricate and abstract concepts and problems

* Begins by familiarizing students with typical examples that illustrate central themes, followed by numerous carefully selected problems and extensive discussions of their solutions

* Combines unconventional and essay-type examples, exercises and problems, many presented in an original fashion

* Engages students in creative thinking and stimulates them to express their comprehension and mastery of the material beyond the classroom

104 Number Theory Problems is a valuable resource for advanced high school students, undergraduates, instructors, and mathematics coaches preparing to participate in mathematical contests and those contemplating future research in number theory and its related areas.

Date: 2007-04-18 Rating: 5

Number Theoretic Gem

I think that the only way for description of this book is buying it.
This book is as usual another gem, and this time in Number Theory, from
great math problemists Titu Andreescu and his colleagues Dorin Andrica and Zuming Feng.
If you would like to have fun and exciting in number theory, I highly recommend this fabulous book to you.

Congratulations to Titu Andreescu and his colleagues for their excellent books and attempts!!!

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